It Takes A Village

Meet The Team

I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people in my life who constantly inspire, encourage and support me to be the very best version of myself. It really does take a village to make dreams come true, and it starts with the courage to ask.

Pamela Ryan, media manager.jpg

Media Manager, Pamela Ryan

As my land bestie, Pamela is always in my back corner. When she's not managing major corporate events, in her precious spare time she handles all of my media inquiries and speaking requests. She has that rare gift to just "get it done" no matter what the obstacle.   

Known for her infectious smile and classic professionalism, nothing is ever too big a deal, or too difficult a task. 

From listening to me rehearse my TEDx talk 5 million times or running lines with Hollywood funnymen (and my co-hosts) Nick Offerman and Jordan Peele in front of an audience of 12,000 people (yes, that really happened), Pamela is the best Media Manager this adrenaline-seeking athlete could ask for.


Erin Brennan is a Creative Consultant + Brand Manager in San Francisco, CA. Creating Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Business Strategy, and Strategic Marketing Plans for your Women Entrepreneurs. Squarespace Design for your Small Business Website

Brand Manager, Erin Brennan

Erin is an extraordinary Creative Consultant, and I feel so lucky to be a beneficiary of her expertise. One of her many talents is identifying brands and helping them articulate their message.

This site is the result of her being able to distill my story and my achievements, seemingly effortlessly, into my existing messaging. All the while with her dog James sitting patiently at her feet.

Erin has an enthusiasm for her friends and clients that is unparalleled. Always willing and eager to help people realize their potential, she is pure genius. I'm proud to call her my good friend. 

Kate Webber, Photographer, director, open water swimmer.jpg

Photographer + Director, Kate Webber

In case you're wondering, all the amazing photos on this site are thanks to the magic of my good friend Kate. An incredibly talented photographer, Kate is also the director of my upcoming documentary, KIM SWIMS.

A first-time director, Kate has a passion and talent for storytelling that is truly extraordinary. I'm proud to share that Kate and her team have been duly rewarded with numerous awards at film festivals across the USA. When I was first shown a cut of the film, I was brought to tears. I explained to her that if I had the same filmmaking skills, this is exactly how I would tell my story.

An open-water swimmer in her own right, Kate and I have enjoyed many adrenaline-filled adventures on the high seas. We are both proud members of Night Train Swimmers, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for causes by swimming around the world. 

Jonathan Merritt.jpg

Physical Trainer, Jonathan Merritt

I consider myself very fortunate to train alongside Jonathan. One of my most fierce motivators, he is  key component of my journey so far.

Jonathan has gifted me with a powerful mix of mental and physical expertise, drawn from his experience as a competitive athlete. One of the most sought-after personal trainers in San Francisco, Jonathan has enabled me to reach goals previously beyond my imagination.